About Jonathan Womack

Hello everyone, I'm Jonathan Womack an independant web developer and technology enthusiast from Dallas, Texas.

I am a 28 year old web developer with 13 years of experience in programming technologies. I always strive to follow best practices even when I don't have to.

Currently working on a Bachelors of Science in Management Informations Systems at Oklahoma State University and expect to graduate in May 2017.

Experience with AWS and Azure cloud technologies. As well as experience with Nginx and Apache web server software.

Git version control experience to keep your website code versioned, archived and accessible any time it needs to be.

Over 5 years of web development experience in many languages including HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby and Javascript/JQuery.

The Thinking

As an independent web developer you get unprecedented contact access to the developer who is working on your site. Every aspect of your project is carefully and professionally scrutinized under my guidelines. I aim to develop websites that are mobile-friendly and work across all browsers even in the current age where browser's standards vary here and there in compliance to web standards.

The Skills

97.8% Complete
Javascript & jQuery
80% Complete
90% Complete
30% Complete