MCGamer Network Xime Panel

The Xime Panel for the MCGamer Network has been an ongoing project that I have personally worked on for over 2 years. This panel controls all player moderation aspects for the staff of the MCGamer Network including the ability to ban, mute and review all previous bans on a player. Don't take my word for it. A member of staff over at MCGamer wrote this for the about page.

Featuring a sleek and clean aesthetic, Xime was designed with simplicity in mind. Staff members who have used other panels with clunky UIs and unresponsive assets will love Xime's slick form, and inexperienced staff members will appreciate its ease of use. But just because it looks good doesn't mean it doesn't offer functionality either. In addition to offering basic panel functionality, such as banning, mod listing, and previous player offences, Xime offers a few nifty features to aid in the course of a staff member's duty.

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Client: MCGamer Network - Type: Website - Date: December 2013 to August 2015